The Gorge's Sweets

The Gorge's Sweets

Sweets x Wolf's Litter

3 boys and 2 girls born January 19, 2016


The Gorge's Wolf 

The Gorge's Wolf 

For the very first time, we have produced some Tall Cotons from Sweets & Wolf's Litter. Thomas, Gubben and Pippi are Tall Coton puppies.

For Sweet's Litter we went with a Pippi Longstocking theme for names.  This is to help us identify them until their chosen families have decided their forever names.

This will be the last weekly updates for Sweets Litter.  We will be busy the next few weeks with socializing, crate training, car rides and loose leash walking, just to name a few.

You can see more videos on our YouTube Channel:


Week 8 - photos taken Mar 15, 2016

Week 7 - photos taken Mar 9, 2016

Week 6 - photos taken Feb 29 & Mar 1 2016

Week 5 - photos taken Feb 23 2016

Week 4 - photos taken Feb 16 2016

Week 3 - Photos taken Feb 9, 2016

3 weeks in age marks the beginning of the socialization period.  Visitors are welcome now, toys start to be introduced and today was their first time outdoors.

Week 2 - photos taken Feb 2, 2016

Puppies eyes are just beginning to open.

Week 1 - photos taken Jan 27, 2016