I started Puppy Culture in 2016 with my 9th and 10th litters, born 5 days apart. My true “ah ha” moment with Puppy Culture was the 3 to 5 week behavioral markers.  This is a time period that I didn’t take full advantage of in the past. With Puppy Culture I learned more about startle response & recovery and conditioned emotional responses.


I’ve practiced the Early Neurological Stimulation and enrichment exercises with my past litters, what I didn’t understand was the differences between passive and active enrichment exercises and when they should be introduced, based on behavioral markers, which varies by breed. The Puppy Culture lessons I applied during the 3-5 week period I believe set these litters up for success with the remaining learning periods, which went so smoothly and they just breezed through them.


I kept a female from both litters and enrolled them in obedience I classes for service animals when they were 12 weeks old. The trainers all remarked on how quickly my girls were learning, on how attentive they were and not easily distracted from their tasks. Both girls graduated the top of their class and qualified for their Good Canine Citizen Certificate, at 18 weeks old!  My reproductive vet in Arizona was so impressed with these two litters that he wanted the DVD set to share with breeders that he sees in his practice.


Both litters were better thinkers at an earlier age, more attentive and not easily distracted during training. I truly didn't end up with a shy or hesitant puppy in either litter, the Puppy Culture protocols I believe conditioned the puppies allowing them to recover quickly through those fearful growth stages and move forward without any residual effects.


A NOTE TO BREEDERS:  When I first heard about Jane's Puppy Culture Program from a fellow breeder, my reply was, "I already do this, but it's nice for new breeders."  How wrong I was!  I joined Jane's facebook discussion group on Puppy Culture and started seeing some of the videos and photos that breeders were sharing with the group, and the work they were doing with 3 week old puppies.  This made me more than curious and I purchased the DVD set and decided to start following her program.  I can tell you this, no matter how long you've been doing this and no matter how happy your families have always been, if you strive to always learn and be better at what you do, you will knock it out of the ball park by following the Puppy Culture Program, as Jane says, "The proof is in the puppies!"  

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